• Correct StoredProcedure’s statement production. It was falsely using a a mechanism that would use SQL predefined type names instead of qualified names. [#1010620, Reported by Dallas Morisett]
  • Fix DB-API setting of rowcount after execute. [Reported by Mike Bayer; 1010643]
  • Fix pgpass.conf resolution on win32

0.8.1 released on 2009-04-30

  • Fix memory leak due to circular references and __del__. [Reported by Valentine Gogichashvili]
  • Fix encoding normalization. [Reported by Marc Silver]
  • Fix “method” decorator to return callable when val is None.
  • Fix startup of clusters in silent mode.

0.8.0 released on 2009-04-03

Differences from the original pg/python projects.

  • Integrate projects into a single package. Remove “codenames”.
  • pg_greentrunk evolved into PG-API, postgresql.api.
  • Add new execution methods to statement objects: chunks, rows, declare.
  • Refactor connection negotiation code to use a generator. (xact3.Negotiation)
  • Remove sixbit confusion from postgresql.exceptions.
  • Integrate fcrypt module for crypt authentication.
  • Remove pytz dependency, always use UTC for timestamptz.
  • Remove netaddr dependency.
  • Improve DB-API interface by allowing subjective paramstyle. (psycopg2 compat)
  • Provide autocommit support on DB-API connections.
  • Add support for binary numeric.
  • Add proper support for sslmode and connect_timeout.
  • Conditionally DECLARE certain cursors WITH HOLD when outside of blocks.
  • Add typed support for fetches from db.cursor_from_id().
  • Change the test infrastructure to automatically create a cluster.
  • More improvements than I can remember.

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