Changes in v1.0

1.0.4 in development

  • Alter how changes are represented in documentation to simplify merging.

1.0.3 released on 2011-09-24

  • Use raise x from y to generalize exceptions. (Elvis Pranskevichus)
  • Alter postgresql.string.quote_ident to always quote. (Elvis Pranskevichus)
  • Add postgresql.string.quote_ident_if_necessary (Modification of Elvis Pranskevichus’ patch)
  • Many postgresql.string bug fixes (Elvis Pranskevichus)
  • Correct ResourceWarnings improving Python 3.2 support. (jwp)
  • Add test command to (Elvis Pranskevichus)

1.0.2 released on 2010-09-18

  • Add support for DOMAINs in registered composites. (Elvis Pranskevichus)
  • Properly raise StopIteration in Cursor.__next__. (Elvis Pranskevichus)
  • Add Cluster Management documentation.
  • Release savepoints after rolling them back.
  • Fix Startup() usage for Python 3.2.
  • Emit deprecation warning when ‘gid’ is given to xact().
  • Compensate for Python3.2’s ElementTree API changes.

1.0.1 released on 2010-04-24

  • Fix unpacking of array NULLs. (Elvis Pranskevichus)
  • Fix .first()’s handling of counts and commands. Bad logic caused zero-counts to return the command tag.
  • Don’t interrupt and close a temporal connection if it’s not open.
  • Use the Driver’s typio attribute for TypeIO overrides. (Elvis Pranskevichus)

1.0 released on 2010-03-27

  • DEPRECATION: Removed 2PC support documentation.
  • DEPRECATION: Removed pg_python and pg_dotconf ‘scripts’. They are still accessible by python3 -m postgresql.bin.pg_*
  • Add support for binary hstore.
  • Add support for user service files.
  • Implement a Copy manager for direct connection-to-connection COPY operations.
  • Added method for DO-statement support(convenience method).
  • Set the default client_min_messages level to WARNING. NOTICEs are often not desired by programmers, and py-postgresql’s high verbosity further irritates that case.
  • Added postgresql.project module to provide project information. Project name, author, version, etc.
  • Increased default recvsize and chunksize for improved performance.
  • ‘D’ messages are special cased as builtins.tuples instead of protocol.element3.Tuple
  • Alter Statement.chunks() to return chunks of builtins.tuple. Being an interface intended for speed, types.Row() impedes its performance.
  • Fix handling of infinity values with timestamptz, timestamp, and date. [Bug reported by Axel Rau.]
  • Correct representation of PostgreSQL ARRAYs by properly recording lowerbounds and upperbounds. Internally, sub-ARRAYs have their own element lists.
  • Implement a NotificationManager for managing the NOTIFYs received by a connection. The class can manage NOTIFYs from multiple connections, whereas the db.wait() method is tailored for single targets.
  • Implement an ALock class for managing advisory locks using the threading.Lock APIs. [Feedback from Valentine Gogichashvili]
  • Implement reference symbols. Allow libraries to define symbols that are used to create queries that inherit the original symbol’s type and execution method. db.prepare(db.prepare(...).first())
  • Fix handling of unix domain sockets by and driver.connect. [Reported by]
  • Fix typo/dropped parts of a raise LoadError in .lib. [Reported by Vlad Pranskevichus]
  • Fix db.tracer and pg_python’s –pq-trace=
  • Fix count return from .first() method. Failed to provide an empty tuple for the rformats of the bind statement. [Reported by dou dou]

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