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pg/python introduction

pg/python is an open source project working toward the improvement of Pythoninterfaces to PostgreSQL.

Driver Overview

To install the driver, you should probably just use setuptools' easy_install: $ easy_install pg_proboscis. If that is not an option, you can download the source packages in the Download Index(You'll need one of each. :). A unified package may come eventually, if demand for such is expressed.

If you are just using the DB-API 2.0 interface, the module's path is postgresql.interface.proboscis.dbapi2.

For documentation on connecting with GreenTrunk: Connecting. For documentation on using the GreenTrunk connection: Connection API(Also accessible via the pg_greentrunk command.).


Programmer's Client/Driver
pg_proboscis - Provides a DB-API 2.0 and GreenTrunk interface to PostgreSQL.
Procedural Language
pg_teop - In development.
Remote Backend Console
pg_slythe - In development.
PostgreSQL Cluster Management
pg_boss - Create, configure, and control PostgreSQL clusters from Python.